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    Red Mark 0.1 Enlgish description
    Half-Life:Red Mark
    Bugs Fixed
    HD Pack
    Also Note
    Special Thanks

    Red Mark v0.1 - by Alerman©( Alexey Erenkov(Trifonov)) at 07.07.2007 This Modification for half-life while has no it's own maps and its using original game maps, also most models, skins, sounds an textures, i've not made its myself, i used its from the other mods, "clear my" here only coding... Models, skins, sprites, sounds and textures were expropriated from:
     - Azure Sheep 
    - Retribution
    - They Hunger
    - Todesangst
    - Opposing Force
    - SvenCoop
    - XDM
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    - Added 5 new Scientists faces.
    - Scientists now can heal other survivors.
    - Added 2 new weapons: Beretta(Almost as in Azure Sheep), and sniper rifle( Almost
    as in Opposing force and SvenCoop )
    - Added 3 new Security Guards faces.
    - Now you can give your 357 or Beretta to Security Guards.(Secondary Attack) =))
    - Soldiers can use Crossbows, and Shotgun's second attack, so be advised!
    - Added 5 new Impulse Cheats - 70, 74, 75, 77 and 78.
    - Alien Flocks now are consists different colored creatures.
    - Added 2 new monsters: Male Assassin, and Black Mesa Construction Worker.
    You will not meet them in the original game.
    - Added 6th weapon slot in which were moved RPG, and added sniper rifle.
    - Predatory plants have green blood.
    - Every byte gives 5 seconds to snark's life
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    Bugs Fixed:
    - Scientists stopped to stopping on any interruption with scream
    "I'll not make more anyone step!"
    - There is no followers limit, with 2 persons.
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    HD Pack:

    If you are using Blue Shift HD Pack, just launch file "override.bat", from the mod directory, to avoid undefined
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    Also Note:
    - Before use impulse 74 - 78 cheats, you must use impulse 70 cheat, save, and restart.
    - Soldiers sentences were changed for Russian translation, and in English may
    sounds absurd.
    - Other changes were added also.
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    Special Thanks:
    - Alexander Popov
    - Daryn Waite
    - XWider
    - PcGamer and Black Widow Games
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    Demo level:
    Q: - When Scientist runs to the door, it closing, and game restarts. Is it bug?
    A: - Yes. There 50% chances to be game restart in this place.
    Q: - And this one map is all game??!
    A: - This is just demo level, with features, which adds mod to original game. After mod selection type "New Game",
    to start the game with new features.
    Q: - How to give my 357 to Barney?
    A: - Get enough close to Barney, select your 357, and press right mouse button on he.
    Q: - There are no my problem's solution here!
    A: - Make here comment with your problem.
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    Категория: Red Mark 0.1-0.2 | Добавил: Professor_Fate (06 Июля 2007)
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