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  • Главная » Файлы » Arx Fatalis

    Arx - Better Balance Mod. v1.0 English
    [ Скачать с сервера (10.21 Mb) · Скриншот ] 14 Октября 2013, 19:13


    Archive includes readme file and instruction for installation.

    A short list of changes:

    Some textures (and icons) of armor, weapons and NPCs have been replaced. New beautiful halos added to some enchanted objects.
    Many NPCs strengthened (goblins, undead, dissidents, some others).
    Added some more undead into the crypt.
    A new opponent, which can be killed - an iron golem.
    The ice dragon and Akbaa are slightly weakened now (reduced resistances to fire and magic).
    All weapons and armor are rebalanced. Most of the weapons are more powerful, but some are less powerful. With the armor I did the same. Yilside armor isn’t so powerful now.
    Mithril and unenchanted meteorite weapons can be poisoned. Mithril weapons can be enchanted, but after addition of coltk enchantment will be lost. Feathered sword now required dexterity, not strength, and can be found not in the crypt only. A cursed sabre is useful weapon for mages now.
    New weapons added – 2-handed goblin scimitar, 2-handed club, mithil feathered sword, meteor feathered sword and enchanted meteor feathered sword. Mithril and meteor feathered swords can be made in dwarven forgery(the form of feathered sword can be found somewhere on the 8 level). Meteor feathered sword cannot be enchanted by Zalnash.
    Slayer blade, assasin's dagger, feathered sword, forged 2-handed sword, jewelled dagger and jewelled sword now can be enchanted.
    Added new set of chainmail with beautiful texture.
    Added new powerful composite bow(you can find it on the 6th level).
    Added new set of armor - Magic mythril plated armor. You can find it somewhere in crypt. It’s quite powerful alternative armor for thiefs and mages.
    Golden armor have been changed. It’s more powerful than ylside armor now.
    Many innovations in blacksmithing.
    High level combat magic scrolls are added into inventories of some NPCs (and it is possible to steal them). High level magic scrolls into some locked chests are also added.
    Some doors and chests are easier to lockpick now. Maximum required technical skill - 75.
    Now is possible to steal some keys from NPC, which wasn’t been possible before.
    The enchantment of magic rings are completely changed. Cursed rings and rings of misery are useful now.
    Enchanting gold and silver rings with golem’s hearts you can produce rings of fire and frost protections(object knowledge skill of 70 needed)
    Now minstrel will play new songs for food and wine, not for gems.
    A potion of restoration added. You can make it by mixing other potions(obect knowledge of 80 required).
    Food are slightly modified - apples and vegetables now heal more than satisfy hunger. And more nourishing food satisfy hunger better, but heal worse. Also, fruits, vegetables and cakes regenerate mana a little.
    A few easter eggs have been made. For example, try to give drinks to Polsius(use bottle or mug on him). And perhaps some other goblin would prefere blood).
    Added some weapons and armor to shopkeepers, to the corpses and to the chests.

    Sorry for my poor English:)
    Ilya V. Novikov., Russia.
    Категория: Arx Fatalis | Добавил: RastaPunk
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    Всего комментариев: 1
    1 RastaPunk   [Материал]
    You better delete texture Arx Fatalis\GRAPH\obj3d\textures\NPC_HUMAN_VILLAGER_FEMALE_BODY.jpg . This texture unfinished yet and looks ugly. I forgot to delete this texture from archive.

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